Project Management & Consultancy

Troubleshooting and engineering  design are often a large component in which we offer on various levels to assist you with making the best possible decision with confidence.

Often we find on difficult jobsites problematic issues…. We assess the project stage by stage and literally build it and  piece it all completely together before making a final decision. If need be we liaise directly with your engineer and bring you up to speed as it comes…. Our aim is to have the development made structurally sound as it is intended and at the same time save you money and time where ever possible leading you on your way to the next stage in a prompt, safe and professional manner.


Muracon has developed an efficient construction management  consultancy and possess a high degree of competency. We have a wealth of experience in building concrete superstructures and are always happy to liaise with your engineer to help with the design adjustments sometimes needed from onsite issues…. Alternatively we can put you in direct contact with our engineer if you are still in the early stages of planning if required.

ABN :56 149 167 635